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Everyone occasionally deals with anxiety, but for nearly one-third of teens and adults, anxiety becomes a constant, disruptive, and overwhelming part of their life. When you need help managing anxiety, you can turn to the compassionate team at Associates in Behavioral Science. They offer therapy for all types of anxiety, creating personalized care plans proven to help you regain a more balanced life. The team sees people quickly, so don't wait to get relief from your anxiety. Schedule an appointment by calling the office in Berwyn or West Dundee, Illinois, or booking online today.

Anxiety Q & A

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is an emotion that naturally occurs when you anticipate a stressful, challenging, or dangerous circumstance. Your brain automatically activates a surge of hormones that energize your body to deal with the situation. Then your anxiety disappears, and your hormones return to normal after the threat is over.

These changes represent a normal and expected cycle that everyone experiences whenever they feel anxious. However, emotional and physical problems arise and an anxiety disorder develops when you constantly or frequently feel anxious.

If you feel like you can't shake anxiety, or you change your daily life to avoid anxiety-provoking situations, it's time to consider getting help.

What are the different types of anxiety disorders?

You can develop several types of anxiety disorders. A few of the most common include:

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

GAD occurs when you frequently worry about everyday concerns, such as your job, health, children, or even car problems.

Social anxiety disorder

You may have this disorder if anxiety occurs when you anticipate meeting new people or performing in front of others. For example, you may have severe anxiety if you need to give a presentation at work or a report at school.

Separation anxiety disorder

Separation anxiety disorder affects people of all ages and usually revolves around the fear that harm will come to you or your family members when you're apart.

Specific phobia

Specific phobias cause intense fear in response to an object or situation. Examples of common phobias include a fear of spiders, needles, and flying.

What symptoms occur due to anxiety?

Anxiety causes many emotional and physical symptoms. You may experience:

  • Dread
  • Fear
  • Irritability
  • Nervousness
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Headaches
  • Stomachaches
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Fast or pounding heartbeat

Anxiety may also trigger a panic attack, causing sudden, intense symptoms like chest pain, sweating, and difficulty breathing.

How is anxiety treated?

Your therapist learns about your symptoms and completes a psychological evaluation. Then they recommend a care plan based on the type and severity of your anxiety and if you have other conditions that often occur with anxiety, like depression.

Therapy is the primary treatment for anxiety. The team at Associates in Behavioral Science uses different evidence-based therapies proven to help people overcome their anxiety and fears.

You may need anti-anxiety medications if you have severe anxiety or panic attacks. However, providers generally prescribe these potent medications for only a short time. 

If you need help with anxiety, call Associates in Behavioral Health or book an appointment online today.